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Idk what to story

Tak tau nak cakap apa.


Spm. Friends. Schizoid. Teachers. Quran. Ustazah. School. Umi abah. Siblings. Study. Phone. Marry. Happiness. Cry alot wth. Anything? I want to active for blogging. But i have yo use a keyboard and big screen. . Pt3. Sister. Bae. Anything else ohmy gad i never use phone for blogging. So what i have go through this life happily alone until sevenseven two thousand seventeen maybe in shaa Allah. She says that i'm too sure he gonna be mine. I'm actually doing my best. So what the hell you're not satisfied. Amagesh why there's a human like you on the earth. You should disposed to another planet. You should have a life in jupiter or somewhere and you should deserve a friend such an Alien. Humans are too gold for you. It's bcause your behave you such like that. K. About school. I'm having a hard life in school. The teachers and friends do not deserve for me. It's  something like haters. Oh mybe I've been their haters. So what should i do? A little problem can be a huge problem if i still in the school. I've think something like 'pindah' and its like I'm running from the problem. It will never solved. But it's a good idea. Bcos the problem never find me. Another but, before I'm changing to another school, i need to finish my AlQuran. This is another problem. I'm not achive the silibus of AlQuran and i need to finish my AlQuran in rush. On the same time i need to remember all the whole of sentences in AlQuran. Sempat ke. Hmm. So i need to khatam next year anyway. No more excuse yaa. Or you'll make him a broken heart. Not only him but your mom and dad. Give me strength Ya Allah. And marry. Yeah marriage. If the result ok i gonna make a wish to my parent.

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